What We Do

We carry out our mission in six primary ways:

1. Whole Community Advocacy

We work with stakeholders to improve the quality and accessibility of addiction management supports and services community-wide. This means reaching into and changing every sector.

2. Community Awareness and Education

These initiatives are designed to remove psychological and physical barriers that keep people from getting well.  Our awareness efforts help eliminate stigma, shame and fear around addiction and increase understanding of the disease, so more people seek help.

3. Mainstream Addiction Care Into Health Care

These efforts include the implementation, together with local health care partners and treatment providers of our Addiction Chronic Care Model™, a continuum of disease management care that is patient-centered and based on successful approaches for other chronic illnesses.

4. Mainstream Addiction Wellness into the Workplace

In our Workplace Initiative, we engage in strategic partnerships with community employers to build an infrastructure for addiction wellness in the workplace. These partnerships deliver value by educating the workforce about addiction, removing barriers to getting well and providing addiction management services to affected employees.

5. Provide Addiction Management Services

We also provide a wide range of peer-to-peer, non-clinical services to help individuals and family members access the right care and stay well from addiction.  These services fill gaps in the community and are provided by our Affiliates to clients at no charge.

6. Measure our Outcomes

We are all about showing that our work gets people better. Our evaluation program uses leading research and evaluation methods and tools to measure the effectiveness of our work on behalf of individuals and the community.

Financially Sustainable

Unlike so many other recovery organizations in this field, our business model is designed to be financially sustainable.

The financial foundation of our model is our Employer Initiative. Employers who invest in us through our Employer Initiative see a return on that investment in the form of higher productivity, improved safety, lower attrition, and decreased absenteeism. They also expect to see significant improvement in health care costs. In Sioux Falls we have had more than 30 employer partners.

We achieve sustainability by converting the value we deliver to community stakeholders with a financial stake in solving addiction into sustainable financial support.