Recovery Coaching

We provide free peer recovery coaching for individuals or family members impacted by the disease of addiction.  

Our comprehensively trained coaches provide individuals seeking to enter or sustain recovery with informal, personalized support over an extended period of time. We also support loved ones affected by the disease.

Unlike traditional 12-step sponsors or counselors, recovery coaches support a wide variety of paths to wellness and focus on the challenges, barriers and opportunities in the person’s recovery environment, in addition to inter- and intrapersonal issues.

Peer recovery coaches are personally experienced in recovery, having either gone through it themselves or been close to someone who has.

Recovery coaches help clients identify and remove the personal and environmental barriers to getting well from addiction. They help people build their “recovery capital” – the internal and external resources that are shown to play a major role in successfully initiating and sustaining recovery, such as life skills, knowledge, stable housing, health care, family support and linkage to the community, among others.

The recovery coach’s job is to understand the people they are helping, provide structure, hold them accountable to the goals they set, and act as advocates. Coaches also link the newly recovering person to the recovering community and serve as a mentor in the management of personal and family recovery.

Contact us to learn more about how a recovery coach can help you or your loved one.