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Learn more about our work to help addiction sufferers get well and stay well from this disease.

When it comes to spotting addiction, most people focus on the over-use of alcohol or another drug. But substance use is just one sign of this complex disease.

Terri Brown, our lead peer coach, dispels the myth that we should wait for people to hit "rock bottom" before getting them the help they need.

Dave Jansa, a peer loved one coach, explains what the first steps are for a parent whose child is suffering from addiction.

Teresa Kaltenbach, a peer loved one coach, explains how to positively motivate a spouse who doesn't want to seek help for heavy drinking.

Wondering what peer coaches do and how they can help you or a loved one get well? We break it down so you can decide if coaching is for you.

When it comes to resources for loved ones affected by addiction, there's an overwhelming amount of information.

We picked 12 books, videos and other resources that we refer to most often in our coaching with loved ones.

Labels applied to concerned loved ones of addiction sufferers can do just as much damage and fuel the psychological barriers that keep people from seeking help and getting well.