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Learn more about our work to help addiction sufferers get well and stay well from this disease.

Labels applied to concerned loved ones of addiction sufferers can do just as much damage and fuel the psychological barriers that keep people from seeking help and getting well. 

If you have a friend or even a co-worker with a family member struggling with addiction, you’ve probably wondered what to say or do. People usually want to help, but end up not doing (or saying) anything for fear of making a mistake. The reality is that being open and supportive is never a wrong way to go.

We help loved ones navigate the unique challenges when someone they care about is struggling with addiction. Contact us for an appointment. 

How are we helping change hearts and minds in the community? Our latest data drop.

Loving someone suffering from the symptoms of the disease took a devastating toll on my ability to see things clearly, especially in my skills as a mother. But it didn’t have to happen that way.