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Learn more about our work to help addiction sufferers get well and stay well from this disease.

How are we helping change hearts and minds in the community? Our latest data drop.

Loving someone suffering from the symptoms of the disease took a devastating toll on my ability to see things clearly, especially in my skills as a mother. But it didn’t have to happen that way.

Raven Industries has been committed to solving great challenges for more than 60 years. In their six year partnership with Face It TOGETHER, they joined forces to build a culture of addiction wellness in the workplace to help employees and their family members get well.

Community attitudes can help or hinder someone's ability to get well. Take a look at what we're learning from our survey results.

His story is one of hope in the possibility of lasting recovery from the pain of addiction. 

A closer look at our clients, the types of peer support they receive and their wellbeing.

Losing a friend reminded Claudia Brende about the importance of facing stigma and talking about addiction and mental health issues.  She is alumna and current employee of Tallgrass Recovery and Sober Living Homes.  

Addiction affects all aspects of a sufferer's life. How are our clients doing when it comes to their physical wellbeing?