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Learn more about our work to help addiction sufferers get well and stay well from this disease.

Volunteers are special people and we would like a chance to give them some recognition for their hard work! Keep checking back to the blog often to hear the latest news from our volunteers!

There are many milestones in our child’s life that we look forward to celebrating: first step, first day of school, graduation. Each brings about certain expectations, including how we will feel in these moments and when they should happen. Our child’s graduation from an addiction treatment program is probably not on our radar.  It wasn’t for me.  

Today is February 24, 2015 and I’ve been working for Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls as the Office Manager for one year.  I do so many different things, it’s hard to sum it all up:  I do everything from accounting to social media marketing to event planning.

The Six Dimensions of Wellness include; Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional 

Face It TOGETHER and The Employer Initiative compliment our culture of helping and acceptance. There is a place that can help your team members get well from the rigors of addiction. Face It TOGETHER and The Employer Initiative have helped us and they can help your business too.

As a survivor of addiction and with a background in healthcare, Kylee is a great new addition to our team!  She has taken the role of Addiction Navigator through the groundbreaking and innovative Sanford One Care Program.

I have been asked to join a lot of boards and have been on my fair share, When asked to join Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls Board of Directors I said yes because it is a perfect fit for me.....

Hear from Recovery Coach Client, John, and how we have helped him to get well from the disease of addiction. John is one of many clients that has been helped through Recovery Coaching. Each story is different, and everyone's path to recovery is unique to them. Keep reading to hear John's story. 

Robert started Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) following outpatient treatment services with an agency in the community.  At first Robert wasn’t real sure what TRS calls would do for him.