Ask a Coach: How to Stop Drinking

March 10, 2018 | Joe Tlustos, peer coach

Q: I might have a problem, but what if I'm not ready to stop drinking?

A: At Face It TOGETHER, we value all paths to wellness, including drinking in moderation. Our addiction management coaches can help you see if this is a realistic goal. I recommend asking yourself, “Is drinking causing problems in my life or affecting the quality of my life?”

A lot of people who believe they have a problem with drinking find wellness by quitting altogether. But not everyone feels this way – we have people who come to us and simply want to reduce their drinking.

First, we’ll challenge you to give up drinking for 30 days. For those who struggle with the 30-day trial, we usually recommend and work toward total abstinence. A few people make the 30 days and go on to successfully practice moderation. Many people who make the 30-day zero consumption goal feel so much better physically, mentally and socially that they choose to stop drinking alcohol and work toward abstinence-based wellness.

No matter what your goal, I commend you for reflecting and prioritizing wellness. It shows you’re being honest with yourself and enlisting the help you need. 

At Face It TOGETHER, we acknowledge it’s “better to get better” by moderating use, but it’s best to get well. If you have the desire to tackle the disease of addiction and reclaim your health, contact us to set up a free appointment with one of our peer coaches.