Guest Blog: Hello From Board Chair, Greg Sands!

January 20, 2015 | Greg Sands, Board Chair Featured

Sands Drywall joined Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls Employer Initiative to give our people a better chance at dealing with addition issues in a welcoming environment that does a good assessment of the client and points them in the right direction. We have been happy with the people at the Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls local facility, I would highly recommend them to other employers to help their staff as well.

Shortly after joining the Employer Initiative, I was asked to join their Board of Directors. I have been asked to join a lot of boards and have been on my fair share, When asked to join Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls Board of Directors I said yes because it is a perfect fit for me and it is going to change the process of how we deliver long term results for the still suffering addict. I believe in the mission and I believe we have a Great staff and a Great Board of Directors to get things done. There all very capable people. It’s very exciting for me personally and I’m both humbled and Grateful to be on the Board.