What Exactly is Telephone Recovery Support?

January 13, 2015 | Mel Harrington Featured

Robert* started Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) following outpatient treatment services with an agency in the community.  At first, Robert wasn’t real sure what TRS calls would do for him.  Robert, by nature, isn’t an overly talkative person and he thought this might be difficult to warm up to the idea of regular phone calls from a Recovery Coach over the phone. 

It wasn’t too long before he looked forward to the weekly calls.  It seemed to break up the work day for him and it seemed nice that someone would care about how he was doing that day.  Mostly recovery was going well for Robert, but especially during a rough day it was nice to have those few minutes to talk with someone who was in recovery just like him to talk with about those worries and concerns that he couldn’t talk with just anyone about.

Days went by and with TRS and other community supports Robert became more and more comfortable in his successful recovery program. 

*Name has been changed for Client Confidentiality purposes.