Rachel Herlyn started as a client at Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls in 2015. Now an addiction management coach, she sees clients who are loved ones and who are suffering from the disease.

Rachel Cooke, a Sioux Falls coaching client, first heard of Face It TOGETHER while she was in outpatient treatment. She describes her client experience as meaningful, comfortable and professional.

In the more than 400-page report “Facing Addiction in America,” released this month, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy recommends evidence-based early interventions for young people, expanding treatment programs that have been proven to work and investing in substance use prevention and treatment research. Murthy also emphasizes the need for a cultural change surrounding the disease of addiction.

Every theory we have about what causes addiction is imperfect.

Several addiction theories have significant evidence supporting them — but, as with the disease model, none of them can be universally applied to every addict. That doesn’t necessarily undermine their validity, though. Addiction is perhaps best understood as many different pieces of a puzzle: The nature of those pieces will differ from person to person, and the picture they form will be as unique as the individual herself.