Native Americans make up less than 9 percent of South Dakota‚Äôs population, but represent a third of its prison population.

History and historical trauma is a thick thread in the tangled web of explanations for that longstanding statistic, and Theresa Henry believes addressing those issues is key to improving the outcomes for her people.

Addiction is a chronic disease and needs to be treated as such. Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls has a presence each week at both DUI Court and Drug Court, which serve as alternatives to traditional justice system case processing. 

WARREN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Dylan Libby excelled at wrestling while attending Hermon High School. He describes his family as close knit. Even though he came from what many would consider a good family, Dylan Libby experimented with drugs.

Dr. Phillip Oliva had his work published in dozen of medical journals at the Mayo Clinic and has been recognized around the world for his research. But a dangerous addiction and a battle with mental illness brought down the brilliant doctor.