In September 2012 the University of Michigan joined what are now 135 Collegiate Recovery communities on campuses all over the country. While they vary in size from small student-run organizations to large embedded university programs, the aim is the same: to help students stay sober while also thriving in college.

Whenever we tell you about a big meth bust, it's easy to think the drug is making a comeback in South Dakota. But the sad reality is meth never went away. Laws limiting access to over-the-counter meds used to make meth have helped put the squeeze on illegal labs here. But dealers are simply finding another source by going global. It's a meth pipeline that extends from South of the Border to South Dakota.

Methamphetamine's impact is devastating on people and families from all walks of life. The drug has an especially harmful grip on reservations. According to the U.S. Justice Department, Native Americans have the highest rate of meth use among any ethnic group in the country.

"The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House in downtown Sioux Falls has been open for nearly three weeks now, serving the homeless of South Dakota's largest city with resources to help people get back on their feet. 

The staff at Dudley House does all they can. Guests receive a bed and food, as well as information on jobs and resources for overcoming addictions."

Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls has a recovery coach present to help guests of the Bishop Dudley House on Tuesdays from 10AM to 2PM.