Teens can't control impulses and make rapid, smart decisions like adults can — but why?

Research into how the human brain develops helps explain. In a teenager, the frontal lobe of the brain, which controls decision-making, is built but not fully insulated — so signals move slowly.

Employer Initiative partners Raven Industries, Lloyd Companies, Jeff Scherschligt of Howalt McDowell, Pam Homan of the Sioux Falls School District, and Brian Leyland-Jones of Avera Health were included in the list of 15 individuals, organizations, and businesses to watch in 2015! We are honored to partner with such influential individuals and organizations! 

Ten community organizations, including four in Minnesota and three each in North and South Dakota, have received Bush Prizes for their innovative and inclusive work.

The Bush Foundation awarded the prizes, which come with an unrestricted grant equal to 25 percent of the winning organization's prior budget, up to $500,000. The winners also get promotional support and materials.

The city put in a plug for generosity Tuesday night by endorsing an agency that works to help people with addictions.

Mayor Mike Huether told the City Council that Dec. 2 will be Giving Tuesday Day and urged residents to give $5 to Face It Together Sioux Falls.

Sometimes, when Mark Berdahl thinks about his son Nathan, who died Oct. 17, 2005, of a prescription-drug overdose, he indulges in a few what-ifs.

What if he and Nathan’s mother had been stricter with Nathan? What if they had been more lenient? What if they hadn’t delayed a discussion urging Nathan to separate from his friends?

One of the most difficult moments you can face as a parent is learning that your child suffers from addiction. You’ve already experienced the sleepless nights, the fear in the pit of your stomach that something isn’t right with your child. You’ve held on to the hope that their behavior was a “teenage phase” or an issue that could be easily and quickly remedied.